sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

Take your soul by the Hand

A veces es bueno solo leer, a veces solo escuchar, a veces solo pensar. Días mas complejos que otros, situaciones que resolver, mentes positivas que ayudan a pensar claramente y con una buena actitud todos tenemos excelentes oportunidades por delante.

Hoy solo les dejo un lindo poema escrito por Maureen Weiner, titulado Take your soul by the Hand, el cual copio en inglés, su idioma original:

Take your soul by the Hand
I once had a dream – it was wonderful!!!
I could do anything I please;
I could fly above the rooftops
On the whisper of a breeze.
I knew just what I wanted,
What I needed to be whole,
I had no fear of failure,
For I knew my Soul.
But then things changed, for as I grew
My life was filled with learning –
With books and schools and rules – and yet –
My heart was filled with yearning.
I searched to find answers,
I searched to find my goal.
‘Til I finally it dawned on me –
I was searching for my soul.
We have a dream inside ourselves,
A gift to us at birth,
To guide and protect us
On our journey on this earth.
We all have something special,
Each one of us’ unique.
You have to find the courage
To find the peace you seek
So dream your dream and live your dream
Don’t be afraid to try.
Just take your soul by the hand
And let your spirit Fly.

Vivamos nuestra aventura, vivamos nuestros sueños. Dejemos volar nuestros espíritus y disfrutemos la vida…  solo así Celebraremos la Vida.