jueves, 12 de octubre de 2017

Are YOU the Missing Piece?

Are YOU The Missing Piece? 
Un nuevo libro de Expert Insights Pubishing.

* * * Muy contento de ser parte de este fabuloso libro * * * 
* * * Very happy to be part of this wonderful book * * * 

Best-Selling author Luis Vicente Garcia and Publisher Viki Winterton have collaborated in the new book Are YOU The Missing Piece? As a joint venture with the authors she has published, Viki Winterton has now released a dynamic journal that is full of advice and wisdom from over 180 authors and is an incredible wellspring for readers looking for daily support and encouragement to achieve business and personal success in today’s uncertain world.

Titled Are YOU The Missing Piece, the book challenges the reader to think and initiate a change not only in their personal life, but in their professional life also. Most recent in the series of #1 best-selling books published by Winterton’s publishing company Expert Insights Publishing, the journal is dubbed a must read for all young entrepreneurs.

Are YOU The Missing Piece? Journal is now available on Amazon.com
Puedes adquirir el libro Are YOU The Missing Piece? en Amazon.com   

Luis Vicente García
Caracas, Venezuela

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